Regulation on the data provisioning

The regulation defines the procedure of providing information to the website “No more ransom” (further “Website”).

PLEASE NOTE! Before you upload any data into the Website, carefully review the conditions set forth in this regulation. If you do not accept all of the conditions, you should not upload data to the Website.

The Website is designed to scan infected files in order to define the type of ransomware with which you are being attacked. This will enable a check connected to whether there is a solution available. For this purpose, the Website allows you to upload files into Website servers to perform scans and allow experts to analyze them in order to define the type of ransomware.

By uploading an object for scanning, you confirm that you are the lawful owner of the uploaded object and that the object is not confidential and does not contain confidential information. By presenting an object for scanning (performing an upload), you grant the owner of the website a non-exclusive and uncompensated right to copy, store, and delete the uploaded object for the purpose of scanning. The uploaded object is not unpacked or unblocked after scanning is complete. The results of scanning are shown on the Website’s page for completed scanning. The uploaded object is deleted from Website servers immediately after scanning is complete.

Data is sent to the Website over a secure channel.

Use of the Website to create data or code designed to detect, block, or disinfect threats, or to create malicious data or code is prohibited.

Interfering with the operation of the Website or gaining access to the Website’s services by circumventing the standard interface (using undocumented features) is prohibited. Use of the Website must comply with legal requirements, including applicable regulatory acts and rules regarding exportation and re-exportation.